Griaß di!

Brigitte Hügel Da Cover von Melissa Naschenweng With six Amadeus awards, Melissa Naschenweng is Austria's leading female artist. In addition to Austria, she has also conquered Germany and Switzerland with her 'Bergbauern musi'. With her 'lederhosen(rock)' she storms the stage ‘die ganze Nacht’ like a 'Wirbelwind' and makes every 'Dirndl and Bergbauernbuam schwoch'. It is inevitable that the audience is 'verliabt' with Melissa as she all 'Herzen höher schloagn tuat' with her versatile repertoire.

Melissa will always do her utmost best for her fans to give them a 'Glück' feeling. But even melissa is a human being, not a machine. Melissa can’t divide herself to perform her amazing hits at every party. Brigitte Hügel can play a role in this, to experience the real Melissa power at your occasions and parties. Brigitte has mastered Melissa's hits and takes every 'Dirndl and Bergbauernbuam' on a 'Melissa Naschenweng' journey where Brigitte takes over the stage with the same energy as Melissa.

So find your 'tractor driver's license', start your 'tractor' and pick up Brigitte, then there are no limits and she is ready for you!

Hügel Style

I steh auf Bergbauernbuam ! Hügel Style !

Luis von Do Remix

Auffe aufn Berg ! Hügel Style !

Net mit mir ! Hügel Style !

Lyric Video Die Nachbarin ! Hügel Style !

Covers Melissa Naschenweng